2001-04-05 02:05:39 (UTC)

little girl of 5 or 6 poem .. (to my inner child)

hmm hi all .. how's it growing.. hopefully it's
shrinking .. ! hee..

well it is wednesday now and i have said i am dieting
slow.. I began my 8 glasses of water on tuesday.. well
tried .. truth is i'm terrible with water.. hate it yuk
arrrg no fizzies ! need caffeine.. but !! i am doing it
like it or not.. i guess i am trying to reframe my thoughts
with this..

Lately .. have been learning alot about the inner child
that is within us all and i really believe .. NOW.. after
years of never giving it much thought.. that he/she never
Really goes away.. so being that i am also a mother of
one.. have been telling myself quietly that is .. lately
that i am the mother of 2.. ! and when i want to tantrum
because i want to binge and cannot ... i have to allow that
mother in me to discipline that child inside and then i
have to smile because it reminds me there is still that
little girl who still............. wants to have her way
and eat all the cookies in the cookie jar ! For breakfast,
lunch, and Dinner .. =0 sooo... hmm lets be creative shall
i .. heres a poem of myself talking to my inner child..

little girl of 5 or 6
with icecream on your nose..
smudges on your cheek and chin
an a half-silly little mischievious grin..
come sit down an eat your vegies..
corn, carrots, peas, an beans..
they aren't as bad as your little mind thinks..
they'll keep you healthy
and turn your cheeks rosey ..
they'll give you a beautiful glow..
they'll give you energy and best of all !
they'll keep those doctors away..
what are you hiding behind your back..
show mama what you've got..
another cookie heavens sakes..
you've really had alot..
they taste so good ..
i understand .. fact lets have JUST 1 bite..
but save the rest i'll set it aside..
to keep for another night..
my little girl .. i call my sausage..
your favorite food of all ..
please come up and eat your vegies..?
your food is getting cold..
whats that you say your tummy aches..?
will you now believe what you're told??
if tomorrow night you're feeling better
will have another
but only one ..
cuz now you know that truth be known ..
too many goodies are just no fun..

well heckers i tried.. something to do anyway. :) sausage
is actually what i call my daughter because they are her
favorite.. so she is called my lil sausage.. hee.. it grows
on you .. :) well i think they are pretty daRn good
myself.. take care all have a good night :)