Sweet Musings of a Teenager
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2001-12-14 12:21:42 (UTC)

OK,So Im not completley over Wesley

But Im not in love with him anymore.I just found out Amandas going out with him(yay for her) yesterday. Im happy 4 her cuz I know how she feels and Im happy for him cuz he finally found somebody else then that hoebag Felicia. I might see Whiskey at a party tonight,along with Bethany,his little sister,if any of us goes. But anyways,I wanna hook up with Oscar C. I don't exactly know why but their is just something about him that drives me crazy,hes not cute or anything and Ive never talked to him.I don't know what it is. I also wanna get the hook up with his friend Joey,my ex Creighton and my ex Michael,but thats my friend Riettas ex too and shes in love with him.We always used to fight over him last year and almost ended up hating each other.She eventually got him. I never stopped wanting him even though I pretended I did/do. Well anyways, I'll write more later.


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