De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-14 12:05:17 (UTC)


Friday 14/12/01

highlight of the day must be the Lord of the Rings
exhibition down at WestpacTrust St James Theatre in
Courtenay Place. I went down to the exhibition with SeYan
and Kelvin.

Many of the costumes,helms,shields and swords used by the
characters in the movie were displayed there, life-sized..
they were so intricately designed, it's incredible.. too
bad we were not allowed to take photographs there...the
elven armour was particularaly beautiful, and it's all made
of plastic!! but it looks incredibly like metal...really a
wonder..the guy from WETA workshop, the company that
designed all the props and effects for the movie, chatted
with us for a long time..

he told us how much work has been spent on the costumes,
for example, the inner chain armour for the characters were
woven individually for 2 1/2 years by hand... if u can see
the end-product, u'll be amazed... he also spoke on how
they went about filming certain scenes and the difficultly
involved...they were filmin in 40degrees heat in queesntown
for a particular scene in the 1st movie...even though the
armour was in plastic..water had to be fed regularly to the
hundreds of extras to avoid's kindof funny
to hear him talk about locations which we;ve just been a
few days before.. a familiar feeling yet very exciting to
see how they capture it on the big screen..

the swords on displayed were real, arwen's sword was
beautiful... really marvel at their excellent work in
creating the props...

the orcs armour were hideous of course, the guy explained
to us the considerations for the costume design of the
different tribes of orcs in the movie... they had every
detail wonder this movie took almost 6 years
to complete...

after viewing the exhibits and the insights by WETA, we
were really impressed already..even if the movie
sucked...which is highly unlikely, given the amount of hard
work they put in, i'm sure it'll still be excellent

cant wait for the premiere!! everyone's goin into LOTR
frenzy week, wellington will be renamed Middle Earth,
part of the tourist propaganda here..the government is sparing no
efforts to promote the country based on this movie...the tourist
industry here is bound to boom after the movie is shown..

really excited....more soon