Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-14 10:22:02 (UTC)


Yeah, OK, so I totally missed Mon. ::cries like a baby:: I
couldn't be on long because I had to watch Aiden (my
nephew). ::kicks stuff:: FINALLY my sister came home around
1 am (she was shopping... Pfffft... I didn't say she could
do that) and I just figured I'd go hang out, see who was

Poor Billy(Bob). Dude's mom is hella fucked up. See, Monday
(the 10th) was his birthday. She talked him into waiting
til like Tuesday for his birthday dinner (it's a thing with
my family...birthday dinner at the birthday boy/girl's
choice of restaurant) because his brother was working and
she really wanted him to join them (Long story short, his
brother is totally her favorite and he's living with their
dad and she doesn't see him much (I think by his choosing,
mweheheheh) so she totally bends over backwards to lick his
asshole (which isn't new, really)). He didn't mind because
waiting 'cause, hey, it's his brothoer. SO, not only does
he have to wait, he gets dicked about where to go. He
wanted to go like to Outback, but NooOooooo... bitch makes
him go to a damn pizza place and "not spend over $20". So,
yeah, he's alittle bitter about that. I'd be kicking her
face in if that were me. ::shrug::
Add all that shit to her saying she doesn't want him
spending Christmas with his dad. ::kicks her face in::
She's one of THE most selfish people I know (yeap... I mean
that. She had the nerve to say to me "I just wish he (her
soon to be ex-husband) had died (*he had suffered 2 fairly
serious heart attacks acouple months before they split up,
so that's where *that* ray of sunshine came from)... it
would have made things alot easier on *me*" o_O I literally
had to bite my tongue because my mom (her twin sister,
btfw) woulda given me that "OHH NO! DON'T" face/talk and
that's just not worth it. I don't give a flying fuck at a
rolling donut what The Bitch would say, but I don't want my
mommy pissed at me. ::cowers:: Anyways, I haven't the heart
to tell Bill she said that yet... He's nearly out the door
as it is. I don't wanna be that nudge that sends him out.
It wouldn't bother me if The Bitch gets pissed, but I don't
wanna Bill mad at me.). ::screams:: I'm floored most times
at how she could possibly come out of the same womb as my
mom... night and day. ::thanks whoever I got the good twin
as a mommy::

Enough about her... she irks me, but I don't wanna waste
too much effort on her. I could spend fuckin PAGES
complaining about her. LOL To total strangers that probably
don't give a six legged rat's ass. ::giggles::

So yeah, I'm tired, cranky, and I'm about to go rape Mon.
Totally weird for me, really. I think it's... well, it's
Kristi I'm sure. I think she's teasing me, probably on
purpose. ::kicks some more stuff:: WOMEN! Ugh... Imma
forget her. It figures, too... it's been like 4 years since
I moved here and this is one of the first times I've been
itnerested in someone and BOOM. Hah... Ressa luck.
::cries:: OMG... 4 years. Damn... that totally looks worse
now that I said that. LOL I didn't think much of it until
just now. ::faints:: Now people are gonna laugh at
me. ::hangs head and weeps::

This is totally weird though... Hah. I'm all writing this
shit for people to see. I need to get used to that. LOL I'm
done for now. I'm tired of typing and I'm running outta
boring shit to write about.