What's up now?
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2001-12-14 09:35:26 (UTC)

430 in the morning...

So I just got off work, well like 1/2 an hr ago, but not
too long ago...So its officially winter break...yet I'm
still at school, and will be for the next week...ahh well,
I'll manage...I better find a good book though or it could
be a long 40 hrs...Today was good to me, I took my last
final and I think it went well, i studied my ass off so I
hope I did good...then chilled, and nappened for a bit.
Had some yummy Cafe food, then Rachel and I went
shopping...I got a few fun things, but mostly detergent so
I can have clean clothes!!! Then rachel and I went on a
date and saw Oceans 11...uh! It was SOOO good, not only
was I in heaven, but it was REALLY good!!! Then Rachel and
I came home, chilled for a bit, Dyed my hair bye(I ruined my
favorite jeans in the process) then I had to work.....and
thats where my day ends and this journal entry takes up my
current thoughts...I dont really have much going on in my
mind though...I miss everyone that left today...I never
realized how busy stuff is and how much I'd miss the people
I hang out with most until they arent here with room has
been dead all day, and I really havent had anywhere to! But I got some fun messages so that was nice!
Hmm...I dont know what I'm gonna do here for a week without
any friends....well except for Saturday, then I get to see
Brian! yes! And MAYBE I'll have some surprise visitors
that day too...but I'm not counting on it...

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