It's ok to be crazy
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2001-12-14 08:45:17 (UTC)

happy birthday!

it's my birthday. well technically its not anymore. but who
really cares?
i just got in from a night out with my friends. it was
really a great time. bowling and carrows....who could ask
for anything more.
and now i am 20. no more teens for me. what now? i have now
idea. and i didn't get my birthday wish. what a bust. oh
well i knew when i made it that it wasn't going to happen.
so i guess i can't really be too disapointed. no special
birthday kiss me. i guess it is for the better though. that
would have just made things weird.
bu t overall it was a good day. i got beautiful gifts. and
all the people i really wanted to be with were there. so
yeah it was a good day. but i am off. i am supposed to wake
up at 5 am and that is coming up real soon.
sometimes i wonder if anyone really reads this. and if
so...how stupid do you all think i am. i'm just curious.
night all!