2001-04-05 01:44:14 (UTC)

hi every one hear is some thing..

hi every one hear is some thing about me i have prombles
that u may not want to hear but thats your problem. second
i can't spell. evry thing i wright is about my friends hear
is what they are like.
jennifer- copycat.
nicole-chearleader-nice-but can be a real butthole.
reese- full of prolems
kristin- a total loser can't do any thing with out her mom help
no one likes her.
cherise- tall but nice.
austin- funny can talk to about anny thing.
Rocky-hot but sick
bryce-p- hot hot hot. can be sick
billy-j- hot and short but hot
gus- hot but werid
sorry got to go i will finsh later.