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2001-12-14 07:03:02 (UTC)

pros vs cons :-{

well, i decided that this entry is gonna be the pros vs
cons...North Dakota vs Maryland.... work was long tonite.. starting
on sunday I start working on the 3rd shift

-new place to live
-get away from ND for a year
-leave family/friends
-lots of $$$$
-year off from school

North Dakota
-dont have to leave friends and family
-stick w/the same ol life for a while longer

fuck... I don't know... My job im @ now offers me health
insurance in 6 months!!! :-) I Need that b/c Im not going
to school next semester and I wont be on my moms health
insurance.. @ my new job.. I will work the 3rd shift.. shit
IDK.. I had a doctors appt today to see if my tonsils could
be removed and well I have my tonsils taken out on the
17th?!? i gotta work on the 18th! I hope I can! i heard its
a bitch to heal so we'll have to see! what else is new? ooo
Jason called me today.. I'm not really sure why.. I didn't
call him back to find out... He didn't call me back or talk
to me on the computer that nite.. so why should I respect
him???? I'm not gonna! if he can't have enuf respect for me
to write me back when I emailed him, call me when he says,
or answer me when I IM him.. I don't need to call him
back.. I don't know why I ever started hanging out w/him
again all it does is fuck me up... its not spose to b/c I
keep telling myself you dont like him.. the kiss was
nothing! You can find a better guy!!! I just wish my brain
would tell my heart this : Maybe one day it will happen
maybe one day... well, unsolved mysteries is coming on so
Im gonna watch that show and dink around a lil bit.. Im
gonna bid on ebay items too :-) i need new mark martin
stuff... One can never get enuf of Mark Martin
Accessories :)

Love espy!