Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-14 06:00:42 (UTC)

God damn you friggin people

Committee told me today that she wished she had my life. I
go out n dates and go to clubs and hang out with my friends
all the time. She doesn't realize that I have a girl up my
ass that wants to kill me, I go to the clubs but I had to
go last week by myself and I dont have that many people who
are willing to go. I don't hang out with my friends too
often because Lee is either working or busy and we only go
to the club together normally, Cole is Cole. Kerri is with
Dom or working and we aren't even that close anymore. Jeff
has to fuckin find excuses not to hang out, well whatever.
And thats fuckin it. They are my fuckin friends. Haha. I'm
a fuckin asshole. I'm complaining cause I'm a bitch. I love
my friends to death but do they love me?