Nick's Journal
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2001-12-14 05:49:54 (UTC)

My Birthday

Yes that's right it's December 14th, 2001. And for you
ignorant fucks that translates into "My Birthday". 20
years ago I took the slip and slide out into the great
thing that we call reality.
20 years old. ugh. i'm not old enough to drink but i'm no
longer a teenager. alas. the good old teenage years.
well as i came back from the coffee shop i thought about
my other birthdays. i remember one birthday when it
actually snowed in this god-forsaken globally warmed
region. maybe i was 10, maybe i was 8 i don't know. i
remember that we went to pizza hut and that noah had an
asthma attack and my dad had to take him outside or
something like that. i remember my other party where we
had it at a fitness center and some karate club thing was
the feature.
i think of the ones that just included some close
friends. a dinner and a movie. i remember some presents,
and some i don't. i remember my shittiest one, but i
can't put my finger on my best one.
well i guess thinking bout b-days and my life, makes me
realize that i'm too cynical most of the time. too
sarcastic. but then again i'm not so sure that it's
horrible. i find it's kinda funny how most of my best
friends are the ones that i don't see the most
frequently. i also realize how exasperating some people
i guess if i can't get sentimental on my birthday then
something is seriously wrong with me so here it is:
i'm very appreciative of my family. i saw a family go and
eat at a restaurant, and the two brothers behaved like my
brother and i did. they made fun of all others, and
joked, they annoyed each other by one eating the last
appetizer before the other. the mother and father talked
with each other and tried to cut into the two brother's
convos, but that didnt' work too well. i've noticed that
siblings that never fought are the most far apart. my
brother and i always fought, but now i'd say we're damn
close. he knows things that most people will never, and
frinakly i know that you all don't give a flying monkey's
ass anyhow.
i know this will sound bad. but i seriously appreciate my
dog. he's been with me for 12 years. i'm 20 and he's
been with me forever. i remembered i cried when i thought
he ran away for good when i was 14......fucking 14. ha,
that's how pathetic i truly am. but let's face it. he
has a kind face, and he's not exasperating. he doesn't
get offended bout stupid shit, and he's always there. as
long as i don't get between him and his blunt i'm fine :-).
i appreciate my friends (duh). each and everyone of them.
well ok some more than others, but who doesn't. i'm very
glad that i'm still friends with those i haven't seen
forever, and that i don't kill the ones i see everyday.
in fact......i don't know what amazes me more. either
way, i'm glad.
i'm appreciative that i'm still alive. that's right. the
ole sappy i'm alive so i'm good thing. but i've done
enough stupid shit, so i'm glad i'm hear. so there are
many things in my life that are great. great days, etc.
but there's just one thing that stands out from it all.
it's a picture of me, drew, toby, and my brother. i'm
bout 12 and so is drew, my bro is 6 and we're sitting on
this mountain in austria. next to a tree stump with
bandanas on...........yeah.......that's evidence that life
fucking rocks.

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