random mumblings
2001-12-14 05:13:14 (UTC)

a pat on the back feels good

i was gonna come on here and bitch again about how i'm
lonely and all i want is to be loved, and fall asleep in
someone's arms, etc. etc. ad nauseum when i come home and
have this email message. i am the webmaster for this
little website http://www.ottawachessclub.com and i got
these messages from probably Canada's greatest chess player
of all time, Grandmaster Kevin Spraggett

Hi Craig

Just a short word about your site: WOW

Please , keep up the great work. I have long been
interested in the great champions of correspondence
chess, and visiting you site brought back so many


which was nice, but on the message board he wrote

First, let me sincerely say that this site is number one in
Canada. I have just finished visiting the homepage, and I
am amazed at the work put into it. Imagine my surprise to
see a reference to my own homepage!! And a photo to boot
(Tom, couldn't you have used my passport photo instead?)

Second, I am intrigued by the ''most profound thought....''
prize for a posting.



Greetings fellow microbes

To think that I have wasted my time going to pot holes like
Chesstalk and AlexandreLesiege.com

Keep up the great work, who ever is doing this!!!!


ps I love it


even if it wasn't really spraggett, it's always good to get
a little recognition :)