a poetic Heartº
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2001-12-14 03:58:19 (UTC)

As The Tear Falls From My Eye

My lips began to quiver,
As I saw you today
Standing there with your hand in hers
I couldn't get out what I wanted to say

First it came as a shock
Then I wanted to die
So I ran the other way
And watched a tear fall from my eye

When you asked me what was wrong
What was I supposed to do
Just put on a pretend smile
and say Im happy for you two

I couldn't do that
and you know why
so I told you the truth
as you saw a tear fall from my eye

For the first time
You didn't know what to do
But I knew what I felt inside
Was a love that was true

Ive waited on you for so long now
The feelings are still inside
There locked away in my broken heart
And In all the tears that I've cried

Theres so uch pain inside of me
So much I wanna die
Just watch it as my love flows down
As this tear falls from my eye.

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