2001-12-14 03:51:19 (UTC)


Well y'all today was a very eventful day all in all, I
think!! I woke up early and went to my last breakfast of
the semester with Elizabeth. Then I headed off to work for
my last 4 hours of the semester. . .on to lunch in the down
under to with Elizabeth and Janet. . to use the rest of my
flex dollars of course. Did some more stuff then over to
Ashley and Rachel's for some Barnes Hall fun. Which
consisted of a kick ass shirt, we are so super HOT!! My
dad didn't like the picture too much, hehe, that means we
looked really hot:) Plus some super cool "Party" stuff in
a chinese food container, hehe cutie:) Back to the dorm
front I found my room in minimal disarray for once, well
everything was packed into stuff and in corners:) Anyhow I
got this super cute present from ELizabeth, A cookie
decorating set, I love it, it's so fun:) And Janet got me
this really creative, diary like thing, it's really pretty.
Jenny also got me a gift certificate but that was yesturday
and I think i forgot to write, opps. But don't excpet to
much over the break, the internet is wasy too slow:) Then
we were off to the car for a ride to E. Lansing to drop
ELizabeth off. She is way too nice I might add, you
sholdn't have done that, bad girl. After I dropped her off
I was going to visit my friends but I couldn't deal with
rush hour traffic and turning left onto Grand River, so I
just drove home. On the way I stopped by to see TJ's
parents they are so sweet, I love them, uggg...i miss him
so much, I'm sad:( So now I've just been chilling with
the parents and stuff, fun times:) Well I'm outie, Happy

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