The Chronicles of My Life
2001-12-14 03:38:45 (UTC)

not too muchto say. I m just..

not too muchto say. I'm just waiting for this song to
download. Well, Sully didn't go with us to knowledge bowl
today.Mrs Rood was not happy about that. Too bad for him.
We got to go to the mall to eat and found this gumball
stand outside of B Dalton. Matt decided to get a Super
Sour SHocker something or other. It was quite a sight when
he put it in his mouth. Skipping Christmas is at the top of
the charts for books. GO Grisham. AT the KB meet, we
ended up in 11th after the written round. We figured we
were doomed after that. Actually we rallied and ended up
tied for 5th with another KM team. In the last round we
were against Roch. Mayo Green and Austin TEam 1. The two
best teams. We held it to a tie the whole way through the
round. It was sweet. We tied Mayo w/8 and beat Austin by
1. We had 3 freshmen and a junior on our team, they both
had all senoirs. It was fun. I think our chool is turning
into a KB power house. ALyssa is trying to get a 5th
person for our team so that we can actuall have a full
team. I think she's trying to get Cali or Mike Meeker. I
guess i should et to bed. Until Later.

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