Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-12-14 03:00:49 (UTC)


"shakespeare was a talentless hack who took the writings of
others and claimed them as his own..."

whoever wrote this in response to my last entry didn't even
have the GUTS to leave an email address because they have
no basis on this opinion other than the general sinacism of
people and they do not know who shakespeare was and what he
did because the plays he wrote were written by him... read
the tempest and you read his last great work and it is
obvious that in the end of the play he is saying goodbye to
the people who went to his plays and he wouldn't be able to
pull that off if all he did was to take the writings of
others and deffinately not if he was a talentless hack so
you who says so, take the time to actually learn something
about something. that speech was awesome and great and
wonderful and SHAKESPEARE was a genious for writing it, and
it has never been attributed to anyone else and it was
apart of his great Tempest, so FUCK YOU and pick on
somebody of your own generation. there was a shakespeare
and he must have not been talentless if he had such power
to personally run an acting troupe and a theater and hold
court with the QUEEN OF ENGLAND so you stupid good for
nothing bastard don't say that about shakespeare becuase it
is your baseless theory that has been disproven by many
scholars and will continue to be disproven until the
original manuscripts crumble to dust and even after. you
who wrote that are a mindless hack who takes others'
opinions and claim them as your own. so there.

~i love my mom.

*i'm sick of people taking things i bearly mention and
twisting them and being stupid and then saying something
meaningless to me, because they seem to know what makes me
mad the most. reply to me about what i write about because
just becuase i say the word hell doesn't mean i want all
people who dont believe in jesus to go there, i mean i dont
even know if there is a hell and dont even go with me on
the whole jesus thing becuase im so religiously confused
that im on the imaginary border between christianity and
judaism over that issue, and you know what... i dont think
my brain will let me accept jesus for some reason but thats
about a different response i got that i don't even want to
share with you becuase all it talks about is heaven and
hell and how we all live in the afterlife holding hands -
saints with murderers, and you know what - all i said was
that people who mess with my friends belong in hell when
they die becuase that's just the tip of the ice burg on
what i'm saying and you wont know becauase you can't know
and for the first time i felt like i could talk about
myself openly becuase although this is a public thing it
feels like i'm just a diary in the crowd and yet people
berate me (or shakespeare) for the LITTLEST THINGS I SAY.
wow. i need to go write my essay on the allegory of the
tempest by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (the great playwrite)