lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-14 02:30:17 (UTC)

silly freshman

ok so last night, after the concert, dan and i convinced
our dads to take us out to dinner (at 9:15, yesss) so we
went to cheesecake factory. it was really fun and i didn't
get home till 11. ahh it was just like old times. except
my bedtime was 8 pm until i was 14. never mind that.

yeah so considering the fact that i was getting sick, plus
i didn't go to bed till 11:30, i was cranky in the
morning. like full-on angry that i had to go to school.
my throat was sooo sore & stuff but i'm not allowed to miss
school so i just dragged my feet until finally it was 6:45
and my dad said, "i have to go get the carpool. you better
be ready when we drive by in 10 minutes!" so i got
dressed and i was barely ready when they came back.

but i got into the car and sighed and the first thing colby
said was, "looks like someone got a visit from the hair
fairy!" and then we started talking about meet the parents
and all those great lines and by the time we got to school
i was smiling in the thirty-five degree weather and it was
all chill. literally!