Forgotten Misery
2001-12-14 02:22:11 (UTC)


Today was a very long day! I cant wait till tomorrow party
with my crew they best not me cry i know i will sighs. O
man I just watched the tape of my brother proposing to his
girlfriend it was so cute ahhhhh I wanna get married lol
Today I went to the v's to study chem then got my mom came
home studied sociology then chem more im so nervous I have
to do good on these test to save my ass and my grades.
Havent heard from my boy today um I have already stated
that its not coo he doesnt call me and sure does seem to
talk alot about cassie in his journals hm a lil crush is
still there messa not dumb....Tomorrow at the party should
be interesting murphy is bringing kenny and chris and zak
might come and rob is to my boys lol geoff baby if u come
which im not seein cause u have a habbit of doing that
please dont kill my boy jacoub please I love him k!!!!! as
a bro ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways since im all lonley with no
love from the b/f im out