Angies domain of Confusion
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2001-12-14 02:18:44 (UTC)

Sadness and Confusion-Dec13th 2001

Dear Diary,
Well this is the first day i have ever writtin in
you so i should say thanx cause now theres someone out
there that will listen to me. I will start off by telling
myself about me so that when i look back i can see the
better person i was. I am Angie, currently staying at my
stepparents house, i lost mine after i got cheated on by
Matt Johnson. Tomorrow I will be moving in with my current
boyfriend Daniel Hueppelsheuser and my friend Ron Wood. We
will hopefully be moving to a townhouse my wal-mart in
C'ville. Today tragedy happened, Mike, my moms ex took
Misty '' my baby sister whos 5'' from school and somehow
has custody of her cause my mom forgot to mail in something
over the divorce. We may never see her again. Icried cause
I love her so much and I cannot live without seeing her
often. My relationship with Daniel is really rocky and i
could use a few extra friends to talk to so if you happen
to come across my diary and wanna listen to me then you can
email me at [email protected] upset but i will
kepp you involved diary. Today i learned that you never
know how much you actually love someone until they are
gone. I love you Misty Dawn Barrett!!