i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-14 02:02:08 (UTC)


well today went pretty well..haha..cept for the rain..i
dont like rain...but other than that it was good..in
school..i had some fun..i finished my chair for art..it
looks sooooooo rad..my one friend tiff likes it..on the
chair there are Radiohead lyrics and a pic of a stick guy
with a radio for a head..lol..(my own idea)..haha..and then
it had red and black stripes going down the sides..i like
it..lol..then in interior design we are making these flower
pot things..its better than doing the gay stupid study
guides!..haha..when i got home i showed my dad my
grades..he was happy bc so far a have 2 A's and 2 B's..lol
how exciting..haha..then i went on the computer..and then i
got off and mandy had called me (bc i told her
too..lol)..and then when i was done talking to her..my
other friend tiff called..we 3 wayed may people but no one
really talked..lol...then i had to let my sister use the
net..bc she says im on it too much..lol..but hey whatever i
dont care what so ever..but im back on the net..i hope no
one bugs me bc im talking..to you know who! :) !!!!
haha..well hes really not talking ne more..lol..but i am
talking to other ppl too..but yea..yay! 2marow is friday!!
woohoo! i have no idea what i am gonna do..maybe catch a
movie or something..ill just write what i do 2marow..so i
guess this is GOODBYE!...hahah BYE!!!

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