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2001-12-14 01:40:58 (UTC)

my love.

battleship on the sidewalk.
video cameras are never there when needed.
lots of love.
but i guess you cant really
videotape that anyway
driving and driving
sore backs and sex.
butch boobs and non existent boobs.
walls of angelina.
stupid gender rules.
stupid classifications
and segregation.
growing hair.
razors left alone.
cleaning kitty boxes.
or not cleaning them...
boyz II men.
doria roberts.
ani together.
holding hands.
writing in journals.
pants falling off your ass.
.your ass.
daddy hating me.
daddy hating you.
your daddy kissing my check.
sleepy time pictures.
me loving you.
drunken 6 hours.
highlighter body paint.
ex girlfriends.
going to college soon.
my first semester being over.
bob and mowie.
ducky now.
black lights-sex lights.
rings and your watch.
two o clock time.
smoking cigarettes outside of your house.
smoking weed in your car.
milkshakes and cookies.
fruit snacks at 6 am.
writing on napkins.
writing on dollar bills.
showers together.
showers with shawn.
repression of jealousy
team dresch.
borders/barnes n' noble.
sleeping on my foot.
pieces in your shoe.
chewing my hair.
cracking my knuckels.
your lips.
my lips.
my favorite outfit.
my brown pants.
contact solution
pink toothbrushes.
you helping me clean my tattoo
watching your plugs go in
movies and bathroom issues.
ignorant people.
fort wilderness with your family.
brownies for me..
scariness in the woods.
screaming like girls.
watching fireworks together.
you carrying to-go boxes.
thrift stores.
little cute cd stores.
smelling like incense
me opening doors for you.
racing boys.
you hating the waffle house.
being over dennys.
coffee addiction.
your indecisiveness

i love you.
for all of these things.
and for all the things i cant put into words.