Crazy Thoughts
2001-12-14 01:29:06 (UTC)


"Don't feel sorry for what you don't have, you'll only pity
yourself, do feel thankful for what you do have, you'll
only love life more"

I just made up this quote in the shower, I have a lot on my
mind....this is not directed towards anyone, it was just
made up while I was reflecting upon myself. I think there
is a quote similar to this, but I think it is a wise one.
See, if you spend your time feeling all bad and depressed
because you don't have things going your way-you're only
feeling sorry for yourself and you'll get no where unless
you go out and try to change those feelings. You only have
so little to be thankful for, why take things for granted?

You know I'm sitting here, it's 8:29, I just got out of the
shower after crying for an hour while the water burned my
skin because I'm so upset. I thought I was a good friend, I
thought I was a best doesn't seem that way, it
used to be as if we were sisters...but not anymore...maybe
that's why I cried...maybe I just miss Wesley too....I wish
I could just crawl in bed and cry in Wesley's arms, tell
him everything that's wrong, he's the only one I can do
that with because he understands....God, thank you for
Wesley, but why do I have to live so far away from him, I
love him and I need him because things aren't so well at
the moment....why can't I stop crying...?