*~shattered illusions*~

2001-04-04 23:32:15 (UTC)

5.4.01 Well, I am at..


Well, I am at school..and writing simply to fill idle
time...funny how elusive rational thouight can become when
one is surrounded by this "wealth of knowledge"...

Where did that come from??

Someone is reading what I am writing..now she is drenying
it..even though she knew what I wrote...

*sighs*...I always seem to get lost here in my "study"
periods and nevere seem to use this time to get any
productive work done...isnt it odd that the higher you go
in school grades the harder the work is supposed to be..yet
the less time you actually spend in class?? I mean, I have
a few afternoons off and then all these free periods and a
few mornings I start late...and then you go to university
and its like...a full time course is a few hours a day
maximum! Thats just something I find a little odd...

Anyway....I guess I am going to go and umm...be bored
elsewhere...make conversation with my friends...sit in the
sunshine...read..do my english work...write a

Love, light and laughter,