2001-12-13 22:52:08 (UTC)

Insert a Dern Title/Topic!!!

Man oh man, today wasn't as I suspected it!! I won 5
dollars for bingo in Astronomy today!! hahah, awesome!!
^_^.. lalala.. I'm watching 90210.. When Kelley becomes
bolimic.. or however you spell it.. OK, it's probably
official, I DO NOT like anyone, anymore!! Liking someone
who doesn't know you is boring and aquires so much giggling.
And you know how I hate to giggle (i don't mind other
people doing it)!! I know that's the same thing with me
going gaga over Freddie Prinze Jr., but, like, he's a movie
star! He knows about the fans thinking he's hot.. (speaking
of him, I watched SUMMER CATCH!)I didn't even want to see
him at lunch! POOP! That's what is it! Poop! poop poop
poop! Bull crap!

I'm pissed. Pissed off!


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