a poetic Heartº
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2001-12-13 22:26:22 (UTC)

I want you to know something

I always said I’d be happy for you, no matter what
Whatever happened I’d be right there,
Ive loved you but I held it back
Only your happiness is why I cared

I helped you love her,
While the whole time I was loving you
I was a real friend
I patiently waited for you to make the first move

Then the moment came when you told me
I thought It might actually work this time
Now all I’m wanting to do
24 hours to rewind

You went back to her,
Tell my why you hurt me this bad
How come you made me cry

Why did you have to tell me
You knew what I was going through
I was happy, with what we had
Id been fine If I hadn’t knew

I want you to know something
Don’t take it the wrong way
If I say I love you
What would you say.

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