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2001-12-13 22:20:19 (UTC)

dog(bitch) fight

my friends are going at it again and as always i'm stuck
right in the middle of it. one friend, amy, is mad at
robynn because they both happen to like the same guy and i
don't want to take sides so now they are fighting over me.
this is constantly happening. last year amy tried to kill
herself and believe me it got pretty dangerous because
robynn believed that she did it just for attention, which
is probably true, but they really went at it. i always got
the same lecture from them everyday " why are you friends
with that bitch?" and now it's starting all over again.
frankly it's getting quite annoying. i have to rotate
tables everyday at lunch. monday i sit with kat, tuesday
with amy, wednesday with robynn, and the process starts all
over again. i need new friends i think. today at lunch i
have to admit was pretty funny. when the principal left
the cafeteria robynn practically attacked amy. they got
into a major bitch fight. neither won because as soon as
the princepal came back they went to their seats as if
nothing had happened. still i haven't gotten up hte guts
to do anything with jason, but i'll see him tomorrow
hopefully so i'll try then. if you want the details on the
fight send me feedback and i'll spill 'em.

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