abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-12-13 22:07:42 (UTC)


i haven't been to school yesterday or today
instead i stayed hoem and drove myself insane
i watched aladdin
i need a new toothbrush

haha they say question like its a question

whoa, i need to stop beign so impersonal

i told my mom i was insane today and then couldn't stop
laughing. it was an insane laugh

her only response was that too many thigns are goign on
with my family for me to start goign insane now

it made me laugh harder

..................hmmm mm mmmm hmmm

i need to calm down, i started writing in a notebook and
its what triggered this weirded out -ness

i'm going to get rid of it, otherwise i might flip

i dont really want to get rid of it though

i have nothing to say, i will... soon enough

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