Cruel Intentions
2001-04-04 23:13:33 (UTC)

Sabastianbuf: dunno.....cuz you..

Sabastianbuf: dunno.....cuz you bored, im bored too
psycho5938: aww.. ~blows you a kiss from my chair~ not your
Sabastianbuf: aww ~smiles~ heh
psycho5938: :-)
Sabastianbuf: :)
psycho5938: ~dances in my seat~ "dial 1-800-mixalot and
kick those nasty thoughs"
Sabastianbuf: *L* hyyper
psycho5938: uh-huh
Sabastianbuf: uh huh
psycho5938: ~laughs~ you are so cute
Sabastianbuf: heh melly n niki always tell me i say nuh uh
cute *L* its annoying....i think i sound dumb on tha phone
Sabastianbuf: no im not *L*
psycho5938: Yes you are. And don't you dare make me hafta
kiss you to convince you. ~nods~ You're cute. Annoying or
Sabastianbuf: *L* nope ~covers face~ im
not!.....heh.....its cool when girls tell me i am
psycho5938: ~grins~ No arguments I see...
Sabastianbuf: heh .......~shrug~
psycho5938: I mean it.. Don't make me kiss you... ~stands
up.. hands on hips~
psycho5938: gonna disagree with me? or agree?
Sabastianbuf: im not cute!
psycho5938: ~sits on your lap~ I'm not kidding...
Sabastianbuf: neither am i *L* im nnnnnoooooooooottttttttt
cute ~will never agree on that~