Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-13 21:13:37 (UTC)

Weds Night

Yesterday I woke up late and went to work late. I talked to
Jeff and he said he was gonna sleep all day, which I he did
cause i think he said he slept til 5 in the afternoon. The
I went to work a half hour late and got a phone call from a
friend of mine asking me to drive her somewhere. So I had
to cancel my massage and take her, which I didnt care about
much. From there I dropped her off and went home and got
some food. I got changed and went to the bank to cash my
check. Then I went home and got a message from lee that he
was sick and couldnt go to Shampoo. ARGH! I got this kick
ass outfit that I look really good in. So then I called
Jeff a hundred times cause the shithead said he'd possibly
need a ride, and since it was raining I though he would. He
didnt answer. So I went to the club by myself and called
him before i went in. My dumbass left my cell in the car
when I went in, so I missed the couple calls from Jeff. So
I left early and I was sitting in my car, waiting for it to
warm up, freezing my ass off and tring to get a hold of
Jeff. I talked to lee for a few minutes cause he feels like
death (get better) and then I called Jeff and got a hold of
him. We went to Dennys and talked to kelly...who is going
to shampoo the day after christmas and wants to meet up
with me there. haha kellys a cool friggin girl. I cant wait
to see her. Like she said...a black girl trying to look
gothic. haha

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