No porn here!
2001-12-13 20:56:14 (UTC)

My first entry

Mood: Hesitant
Music: 6 Underground by The Sneaker Pimps

Hello ... I'm Chris, but my friends call me "Aeon"
or "Bish." I live in Japan, and its about 5:30 AM. I don't
go out during the day because I'm allergic to sunlight.

Right now I'm talking to two hotties. The first is my girl
Amber, who I've known for something like a year and a half
now. She lives in Michigan, and we just got back together
(we broke up in October or so I think). I guess that's kind
of goofy ... since we've never met, but what can I say, I'm
a dork.

The other hotty I'm talking to is Mona, da shexiest bish in
da world. She's a friend of Ressa, who I met a few weeks
ago while looking for weird people to relate to. I likes
Mona a lot, she's so fun and playful. When I think about
her and me and Amber, I get all confuzzled ... I mean I
don't REALLY have a girlfriend, but at the same time I do.
But then most people don't consider fooling around on the
internet "cheating" ... but if your relationships are
online to begin with, then what else would be cheating?
Don't get me wrong though, Mona is a just a friend and I
want to keep it that way. She's always playing around and
being shexy, but I know she's sweet and she's only lookin'
for what we all are ... that magic four letter word.

Amber is telling me right now about all the fights she's
gotten into. She's so cute, and innocent but damn she's a
scrapper. Amber is a little younger than me, and she's
still in school. Sometimes I feel funny about our
relationship, until I think about how far apart we are.
Maybe when she gets out of school we'll meet up some time.
Until then, I want to hold her hand and help her make it
through the next few years.

Besides being lucky enough to talk to two hotties, I'm also
trying to dl a stupid music video from a game I used to
play but this computer keeps fudging up. I wish I could
really get into this computer and tweak it, but its not
mine. I miss my computer at home, but I know we'll never be
able to fix it up.

Well, I've been neglecting my girls for too long, so I'm
gonna go talk with them now. See you when I see you. Lotsa