Young and Restless
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2001-04-04 23:04:38 (UTC)

School Conferences

Today, my mom took me to my parent/teacher conferences. It
was so horrible, hearing the same thing over and over
again. Whats worse, then all tried to joke and make me
laugh but they really werent funny. Grownups can't see how
stupid they sound- they dont even realize how they treat
kids like they are still five years old, when we are all 13-
15 years old now. Anyways, the all said that I started out
so good and what a shame to see me falling out of my A's and
B's and into C's and D's, and that I have such a good head
on my shoulders and all this shit. My mom keeps telling me
that all my teachers care about me a lot but... how could
they? They dont know me- a few of them really think they
do, but ofcourse I know that they are wrong. How can the
know me? They only talk to me about things other than
school very rarely and its not even about me. Mrs. Howell
knows me best, out of my teachers. She isnt a real teacher
though, more like assistant teacher or something. But I
have to go do my homework now so if I remember, I will come
and talk more.

Love Always