Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-13 20:30:10 (UTC)

Pain killers !!!!!

Hey Everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Urg , my knee hurts like hell ! ok
Today in 5th hour I almost passed out cause it was hurting
so bad and the pain was shooting all the way up from my
knee to my ribs! OUCH! So I got up and I could barely walk
and asked the teacher if I could go to my locker (to get
pain killers ) and she was like 'how do you ask?' cause in
spanish class we have to ask in spanish and in the mean
time I am like about to pass out ! and So I managed to ask
in spanish and I was like urg in so much pain I was like
holding my right side cause the pain was surging threw me
on that side! I was like walking down the hall and my
brothers friend Neil came up and started talking to me ,
and I was like not talking and could barely walk and he was
like ' you alright hun ?' and I was like ' umm.... no I
need my pain killers !' and he was like ok so he like
grabbed underneath my arms and swung me up and carried me
to my locker!!!! and I grabbed the pain killers out of my
coat pocket and dumped out 2 and took them . but omg ! I
was like afraid I was going to pass out ! cause it was so
omg ! anyways I am fine now it just comes in like surges
and it hurts like hell then goes away in like a few mins
after I take my pain killers! but yikes ! yea that was
freaky ! anyways ..... there is alot going on in my life
and there are alot of things that are like clingin to me
and dragging me down! Not like I don't know how to explain
it ! Like there are things that got really clingy really
fast ! and it kind of freaked me out , so I have to deal
with that even though I like don't want to leave it , its
getting to hard to have it during this period of my life !
ya know ? well anyways I am like incredably busy with
school, music , work, keeping up with friends (making sure
none feel 'left out' blah blah blah ) and then keeping my
health up and my faith and everything else ! Its just a
mess right now cause some stuff got really clingy really
really fast and its just like 'woah there slow down a bit ,
i can't get into something like this right now' ! ya know
what I am saying ?! I just don't have the energy right now
to deal with all this stuff! but anyways enough about my
freaky screwed up life!!!! How is everyone else doing ????
Whats happening in your life right now ?! hm...... you know
what I haven't done in awhile ????? Quotes !!! Like I have
been doing them but I haven't like ummm been posting them
on here! ok well I will start those back up again !!!
Todays 'Some people have a Thousand reasons why they can't
do something, when all they need is one reaon why the
can!' !!!! Thats a great one ! Love it ! haha well I gotta