My MeSsEd up LiFe; Maybe...
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2001-12-13 20:10:18 (UTC)


Why does she always gotta ignore me when she talks to other
friends online?! Ever since she got that
friggin "boyfriend" shes been distant to me. And I know I
already wrote about this but its bothering me! She always
said her friends come first..........yeah ok! From the
looks of it now her friends dont mean shyt to her, atleast
i dont. But she'll come on and tell me that it was her
friend on and on n on she'll go. I'll tell her its alright
but not really believe a damn word she says. I havent
believed her since she started saying she has a guy. oh
well, doesn't matter anymore, she never listens to me
anymore anyway.

Now Chrissie is being distant to me!!!! I dont get it!!! No
one like wants to talk to me anymore! Adriana wont talk on
the phone cause shes tried. Yeah ok, always tried. That
hard work at the library is so hard! 4 days a week....ooooo
big deal! I was full time in the summer! But i never went
home and slept, I was wide awake all the time! I just dont
understand anyone anymore. I now wish I really was moving
but I have to wait till I graduate...which is in 2003!!!!
GRRRRRRR! I'm so gonna leave NJ! I dont like it here very
much and the people here are turning against me!!! Like
usual, everyone turns against me!! Except for Heather, she
hasnt been like this in 4 years now. We finally stopped our
baby stuff so she said lol. We've known eachother for 10
years we are like family, and fight like sisters sometimes
lol. Nah we dont. But I needa talk to Chrissie about why
she was being distant to me kinda. Anyway the rest of my
friends are being bitches...yet! lol Theres still some guys
who are fine right now..i give it til tomorrow, they'll be
weird to me! Just gang up on Stefanie now! lol Nah. Ok
yeah, buh byes