The Other Diary
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2001-12-13 18:59:05 (UTC)

No People

A whole weekend and no plans. I would go visit the
fabulous Nick at Tech, but alas I have to visit the bank
on Saturday so it is impossible! I just hate not having
plans. I make it through my week with the hope of
having plans to look forward too. What else am I going
to tell myself when I am checking people out at
foodlion. "It'll be okay I get to blah this weekend" But no,
not this weekend. This weekend I am going to sit on my
butt and eat. Not that eating is bad. Eating is great. In
fact I just finished stuffing myself full of Toblerone and
Pirates Booty. Yes Booty - cuz someone decided it
would be a good idea to call a food Booty. And if you
feel like something sweet - there is Fruity Booty. Even
better- but we don't sell where I work. Oh no, because I
work at FoodLion - and they only have it at UKrops, And
I quote a 70 year old lady when i say " You don't have
Pasted Anchovies and thats why the good lord invented
Ukrops." Because a god invented a grocery store. I'm
sure "he" just stepped off the throne of this cosmic
universe and whipped up a grocery store purely to
please this retarded ass old lady who complains as
she shops at foodlion. For pasted anchovies! Who east
this shit! If you don't like what we have go down the
friggin street and pay way to much money for pasted
anchovies and at Ukrops. I hate people.

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