A Leap of Faith
2000-11-19 04:19:42 (UTC)

Its Saturday night. I have been..

Its Saturday night. I have been encountering so many things lately.
Both magickally and mentally. Finding realization and exploring

Magickally, the plot thickens. Ashley knows I casted a Protection
Spell and somehow she has weakened it or put my shields down.
Personally I think that my break up with Jake could have put my
shields down which might cast a foundation to catch me off guard. All
I know is that she knows.

I called Dustin, finally. I have been having the urge to for ages
now. It was short but I think I know why. I said "sweet dreams" and
he reacted with a "funny you should say that" and I said "what". Next
thing I know he brought up how strange it is that he has been getting
these dreams and I said "no it isn't really" but I kept my voice even
as to not give me away. He may know but I just tried to relate to him
which I think threw him off guard.

I called Josh after that to let him know and the first thing that
comes to mind after that is "maybe that's how Ashley knows. I may
have acidentally sent her the dream too." I'm trying to figure out
what happened with that.

Going to the book store with intent today, I got some back up
supplies. I got a kick-ass charm for my necklace too. I also got an
amulet I won from eBay in the mail.

Mentally, I am straining. I will be leaving Apple Valley soon. No
matter what. Hopefully for private school. But with my family money
is going toward the business expanding and getting a new home. They
are serious about moving too. We have a real estate agent. Hopefully,
its soon I can't take this forever. If you know what I mean.