obscene and not humble
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2001-12-13 18:39:31 (UTC)

laughing just to keep from crying.

constant cravings-to-pencil shavings.
=rocks in my pocket=
all my peers are never here,,when i need them.
beer is a good replacement.
bright blues -to- midnight hues.
=lay my sickly head down=
caffene pills-to- computer games.
its just not the same, as it used to be.
floricent bulbs and niccotene fits.
=if only the pieces fit=
back pains-to-migranes.
" the dirty sea-foam curtins"
un-dumped ashtrays,
-patch up my worried concience.
silly secondhand store buttons.
pointless channel surfing
oil paint- to the faint chance at love-
" the never rising above"
always one step behind. and the masterminds always get the
flanel-to-flece. cut me out a piece..
=stepped on like a bug. smushed Into the rug.
unplugged phonograph-to-pre recorded soap operas.
monday-to-sunday same rutene,
talking little-to-smiling seldom.
always down and sometimes frown, things will change...
..sometime soon.