Nothing but drama....
2001-12-13 18:38:51 (UTC)

Little Damien's Bday

Unbelievable! He is 6 today. Amazing how time goes by. I
remember when he was just a baby, about 3 months old; his
dad and I took him to the mall. Back in those days things
were so hectic and confusing, but look at us now. Little
Damien has grown into a beautiful boy, (unfortunately he
lives with his Mom), Big Damien and I remain together, and
now we have a beautiful son together. You know, its too bad
that little Damien cant live with us....what I mean is,
its "unfortunte" becuase I think Gicel doesnt give little
Damien a chance to broaden his horizons, he lives a very
sheltered life with her. His Dad and I would do a much
better least thats my opinion. Right or wrong, its
just an opinion, an observation really...but who am I to
judge. "To each its own"!
Anyway, and just a week away, my son will be
He is so beautiful, and has quite an attitude; like his
father. haha - my son is also quite the opposite of what
Damien pictured, He thought he was going to be like little
Damien...not even close. Little Damien was always nice and
quiet, and acted like a baby..Jonathan on the ohter hand,
he is a handful and not so quiet. Anyway, enough about the
boys THey are both beautiful!Time just flies.
Time flies and the weight stays on...UGH how frustrating
this is. All I want is to lose the 15 pounds that I have
left, and work on that. I would feel a lot more confident,
and willing to put more effort into my appearance. Its a
wonder Damien isnt disgusted with me. I sure am. My bundle
of joy has awaken form his nap, gotta run.

PS- 6 more days until my 29th Bday.... Oh Brother!!!!

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