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2001-12-13 18:02:55 (UTC)

finally vacations

I finally got out of school for the semester, the last week
i didn't get enough sleep...i like going to sleep late!!!!
it's so much fun. This is my first year of college, i did
11th and 12th at Fletcher Academy in North Carolina, i had
a really fun year. When i came back here i screwed
everything up with my ex, he was trying to get back with me
but i don't think i was ready for a serious relationship
and i messed up because later i found out that i still
liked him but i was too late....anyway, i'm trying to be
happy with my friends and to keep a smile on my face, there
are so many things to smile at. I'm still sleeping in the
dormitory, mi roommates are leaving this friday, we're
gonna take them to McAllen, Tx; and we'll go to my sister's
house to spend vacations. Many interesting things have
happened...... Life is so interesting, i have to enjoy

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