Sporty Tomboy

2001-12-13 17:33:43 (UTC)

phone me once in awhile let me know your alright

hello another day in lunch with yelhsa up here in the
library yay! i have brain overloadage cuz of stuff and too
much happening at once and it is not working out right now
my brain hurts cuz theres so much overloading now well yes
that is what been happening. well i feel so bad cuz i
didn't get to talk to dru last night and i cried and i
havent cried in such a long time. it was weird and it made
me sadlike. :( well i hope he isnt mad at me cuz that
wouldnt be cool at all and i know that everythings gunna be
fine. :) cuz i love him so much and hes the only person who
has ever made me cry like that but i know its a good thing
because im in love with him and thats why i cried so much
all day yesterday so that is definitely awesome! i love you
so much dru and i am sooo sorry about yesterday i cant even
begin to put into words how horrible i feel right now. i
cant wait to talk to you again so i can say how bad i feel
and i love you so much! okay well i just had to say im
sorry again cuz i really had to go and 5 people were
talking to me at once it was so bad and my dad is going
blah blah weve gotta go yelling up the stairs and i had to
so i am soo sorry but i wanted him to stop and i really
didnt want to go but ashley really wanted me to go and i
felt so bad and i wanted to talk to you so much and wow it
was too much. but i really do want to talk to you more then
anything because i love you so so so sooo much and i just
really need to say im sorry. i love you :)

*HUGS for my one true love*

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeee