The Life And Times of Me
2001-12-13 17:08:34 (UTC)

Wow,...its been busy full of emotions lately!

Well, since the last time i wrote i have been busy with all
my emotions. Lets see, where to begin. Well, i have
recieved a letter and a card from a very nice young lady in
AL who i really enjoy talking to. I enjoy her! I have also
called to check on my son, Nathan. It made me upset to
learn that he is now potty trained and is writing his
alphabet. The reason for this is because i am missing this
crutial time in his life, but dont get me wrong i am happy
for him. I wish i could be there with him, maybe someday.
sigh. I have also been kinda pissed at his mother the last
few days. The reason is strange, but i think justified.
When our son was born we were engaged, but because she was
only 17 and still attached to her mother, she didnt allow
me to see the birth of our son. She had to have a C-section
and didnt think i could handle it. I saw a C-section
recently on the learning chanel and was totally convinced
that i could have been there, and been alright. I was
totally pissed at her. I missed the birth of my son because
she didnt think i could handle it, damn her. As i said
before i have been full of emotions. I have also been to my
first class in the official study of wicca. I enjoyed it
and am planning my next class with my teacher. Well i will
not bore you with any more of my emotions, but maybe next
time i will. Gotta go, til next time Blessed Be.