Squeeb's world
2001-12-13 16:48:07 (UTC)


I just went for a walk, just to get out etc. Anyways I ran
into Todd. My God that boy makes me smile. He never ceases
to amaze me. No wonder I had such a huge crush on him way
back when he was only in Grade 9 and I was his OAC co-op
student. Todd-hoeny, don't you ever change. You're perfect
as you are.
Today is my Mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mom! I'll be
home to see you soon! Note to self: when making a mixed
tape, make sure to take the tape off pause you tool!

Anyhoo, I'm bored so I decided to compile a list of my
favourite things. Here goes:

Favourite colours: blue and maroon
Favourite food: pasta
Favourite fast food: McDonalds
Favourite junk food: chocolate and cheesies
Favourite Tv shows: Buffy, Passions, Roswell, 7th Heaven,
Who's Line is It Anyways, Dawson's Creek, Survivor, Simpsons
Favourite Survivors: Ethan (3), Roger (2), Colby (2) and
Elizabeth (2)
Favourite Actor: Josh Hartnett
Favourite Band: N'SYNC
Favourite Singers: JC Chasez of N'SYNC, Tim McGraw, Britney
Spears, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Faith Hill, Brian
Littrell, Nick Carter and AJ McLean of the BSB
Favourite Current CD: "Britney"- Britney Spears,
"Celebrity" and "No Strings Attached"- N'SYNC, "Chapter One:
The Hits"- Backstreet Boys, "Mandy Moore"- Mandy Moore
Favourite Song: "Up Against The Wall"- N'SYNC,
"Overprotected"- Britney Spears, "Drowning"- BSB
Favourite Flower: daisy
Favourite movies: Titanic, Pearl Harbour, Clue, Armageddon,
Princess Bride, 2Gether
Favourite member of N'SYNC: JC
Favourite member of BSB: Brian
Favourite 2Gether member: Chad

Ok, I think I'm favourited out at the moment! Later!
Current mood: Giddy
Current music: "One Day"- Blue Rodeo