a little piece of me
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2001-12-13 16:27:02 (UTC)

i'm an idiot. it's true.

so i got my entomology test back today. 103%. kick me
now. i also talked to the teacher. he said i got a c in
the class. that kills me! i could have done so much
better. the final exam grade proves that!!!!! grrr. so
pissed off at me right now. oh well. so i'm guessing my
final grades will be 1 a, 3 b's, and a c. any bets? that
sucks. i really fucked up this semester. oh well, next
one will be impossible for me to do bad! i can't believe
it...my last semester. damn!

anyway, i have to get some stuff done today. blah.
probably write more later.