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2001-04-04 22:08:55 (UTC)

Dearest Bunny, It s funny how..

Dearest Bunny,
It's funny how life works.. one day your on your
feet, know where your heading, admired by millions for yor
straight lined ambitions, and next your a lost puppy with
it's tail between his legs. I don't think I'd ever felt
ths alone and lost in my life. I mean look at me! I spend
all day sleeping and all night online. I'm such a bum.
For some reason or another, the day always seems so much
lonlier. Maybe it's because more people are up, I duno. I
like the night time. Your yurself at night, you say things
you wouldn't dream of saying in the daytime at night. Does
thatsound silly? I hope not. Today I eed to go find a new
job. I had a brilliant plan of not to do track, and which
only added to the stress of losing my identity. Dumb?
Yes. Am I still going to do it? Of ourse.