De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-13 13:50:57 (UTC)

South Island Recap

Thursday 13/12/01

didn't do much today, but i went for the graduation
ceremony of tedy, yossi, david, ah-jiao, mona, willy, rudy,
thyda and kelvin.. nice ceremony and lotsa free food! heheh
saved me dinner : P

anyway, this's the recap of my south island trip...

we took the lynx over to was a 2hrs 15 mins boat
ride, nothing much to do on board the ship really...quite
posh..but the view outside was nice

we picked up our car from the rental shop and begun our

nice little bayside town.. the mountains are just beside
the sea! very picturesque..we also went whale-watching on a
boat...the ride was 3hrs long into the open seas and very
nauseating...people were getting seasick...but we did
managed to see the whales, albatrosses and even dolphins!!
really cute...the whole school of dolphins swam so close to
our vessel

popular tourist destination in the south island.. very arty
place...we went to the cathedral..huge...and there's this
weird toilet building in the central, the whole building is
a giant toilet complex! hehe ... lost $20 at the
casino..don't really like gambling anyway ; P ...the
canterbury college /arts centre was excellent..just
opposite our YHA hostel... there's this fudge cottage there
selling all sorts of fudge and candies...really like
santa's cottage !! cantebury museum was good as well,
almost Te-Papa 's standard... but the roads in christchurch
was so confusing...we kept gettin lost and ended up drivin
in circles..esp at night..sheesh

the southermost town we went...also the coldest... we went
for a yellow-eyed penguin watch and also a visit to
Larnach's castle..NZ's only castle...the castle grouds were
so beautiful... hadda minor car accident while visitin
Otago Univeristy...sheesh... luckily no one was
virgin car accident : P

the adventure town!! we did all sorts of adventure stuff yan went bungy jumping!! brave,`ben and
kelvin went white-water rafting, exciting stuff..the grade
4 rapids were really hard to pass, we almost flipped into
the water...yoke leng went a bird!! i
also went mountain-biking down a 600m hill...very much
tuffer than i was so bloody slippery and curvy,
dougal, my guide, a violinist-turned-mountain biker, had to
wait for me so many times...i crashed heavily at some spots
and tore my shorts..had to walk home with my underwear
showing hhehe... queesntowns's the place to go if
adventure's wat u seek in NZ... too bad bungy is so
expensive...i wanna try next time!!

mt cook national park
my fave place of all... we trekked 10kkm into Hooker Valley
to see the icebergs at the glacier lake in the end...
amazing scenary there... it was mentally uplifing and
exhilrating... gosh, i though i saw heaven!! we also
spott4ed a rainbow in the valley, snapped that, hope it
turned out well...

we visited this puzzling world with all the optical
illusions exhibits ... cool stuff..there's also theis giant
maze which we got lost for almost 2 hrs...heheh the gals
got out 1st... i was third : P

stayed in the backpackers hostel in a cattle god,
ultra ulu.... there was no other dwellings in sight for at
least 10km...we arrived at night, with no cash to pay the
lady... and we weere really low on petrol and
food...sheesh... i drove 13 km out the the town but it was
closed... luciky the petrol station had a 24hr selfservice was freezing cold there at 8 degress and the
night was pitch dark....really, we cant even see anythin
outside our hut...the 5 of us all alone in the

freakin fun expereince there..took 9 rolls of film...wwill
develop them soon...