Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-13 12:31:34 (UTC)

::slam dances against stuff::

Hello everyone...
I'm still getting used to this stuff, so bear with me, k?

OK, well, so far, so good. Life sucks, but it's consistant
to ::subdued yay::
My stupid computer is acting all funny so we had to send it
away. ::cries:: I'm stuck using this DINOSAUR of a
computer. It's slower than whale shit. ::sigh:: The only
bright side is it'll come back home with a CD burner!
WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Imma be able to burn CDs now! ::dances
around all giddylike:: That'll be cool for like a day and
stuff, but I'm happy about it.

On a good note; I was able to hang out with Kristi the
other day. ::swoon:: It started off like a shitty ass day
(I woke up late, feeling like crap, had to run around to
get shopping done AND making sure my nephew doesn't wind up
killing himself when I'm not looking), but it ended nicely.
I can handle that. ::grins like an idiot::
SO yeah, I have no clue what's in Kristi's brain
though. ::sigh:: My cousin told me she was seeing someone
though. ::kicks stuff::

Gotta go... I'll write more later.
::runs away::