Marco Jacksonovic

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2001-12-13 10:58:49 (UTC)

When I Get To Heaven

If I Get To Heaven

Well, finished my essays, both just under the word limit. I
just realised 'limit'. Its a boundary, right? I use it as a
word 'target'. Happy with both of them. Nervous, feel I
ought to have said more, but that's always the case. I
reckon about 60 for each, which would do.

A new chequebook arrived for me, which was a little odd,
and a red reminder on the electric bill, but I don't have
to pay that, so I don't much care. Oh, and a bill for £200
for something I don't have or want. I e-mailed them to tell
them so, and they just got back to me to say, OK, don't pay.

Just thought I ought to record the feeling, best described
as relief, that you get when you've done an essay.

Expect another at 5.33 this evening. It'll contain a
maplink, and news on an auction I hope to win. (Ride - OX4).

Anyway, until then.

WILT? Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead