some guy

Who Cares?
2001-12-13 10:07:29 (UTC)


I feel so fucking depressed at the moment. I'm pissed off
at pretty much the whole World. It's when you think you
know who your friends are then the turn round and stab you
in the back. But not even straight in the back (cos then
you'd know about it, right?) but they stab you in the back
behind your back and then carry on being friendly n like.
Shit, that really gets to me.
And all the shit's going wrong at work so I'm gonna be glad
when I'm outta here. Only 1 week to go. 1 week too much.
Then I'm gonna take a cople of weeks off and just bum
around the house on me own. Bit of piece and quiet for a
while. Plus should give me a bit of time to do the things I
like to do, like stuff on my computer and what not.
Concidering I just spend a shit load of cash upgrading it
and I've hardly had a chance to use it. Whenever I do get
on it she's always moaning that she's bored or lonely or
I've got sod all work to do. What a waste of time being
here but then I'm working for the Government and they just
love to waste money so I guess I'll just sit here and stare
at the wall. It's bound to do something sooner or later.
I'm also waiting for an email. You know when you're waiting
for something and it gets you all excited? Well, that's how
this email is making me feel. Man, I gotta stop checking
every two mins to see if it's come in. I need a better job,
that's what I need.