Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2001-12-13 09:41:43 (UTC)

Of Ironic Trucks And Immobilised Serpents

Woke up with a start, it was still only 5.16, but it was
one of those 'Dang! Gonna miss the bus' scenarios from high-
school. Luckily, once I'd leapt out of bed, I noticed that
it was 5.16, and settled back in to sleep.

A good thing I did too, because I had a really odd dream
strangely resemblant of 'Walking With Beasts',
( with many a strange beast, and me
with a girl (don't remember who, perhaps that's for the
best). The only thing I do remember is hat a group of
serpents used another serpent - black and brightt yellow -
as a stick.

Our tour guide, who was only there in voice-over form,
noted that it 'is easy to see how they immobilised this
snake, but he will be fine in a hour or so'. It sounded
quite the scary. It was a dream, so I don't expect sense.

Then, when I finally rose from slumber around 8.30, there
was a hugely ironic truck outside. Not often I get to say
it, but it was. Still dark, silent, and this truck was
racing about like a mad-thing outside. Then it reversed
(beeping loudly) all the way down the street. The truck
said on its side? Sleep Eazee.

Enjoy your day humans.

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