DayDream Believer
2001-12-13 09:27:56 (UTC)

Good days keeps coming....

Wow, I dont know where to start.
Now Im at school, we have a study day so I can go home when
ever I want to. And Im gonna, just have to learn EVERYTHING
about access first.
Guess it`s my foult, I should have payd more attention in
class, but its not that eacy when you have a adsl pc in
front of you and a million cool diary`s to read. Not that
Im that stupid, I know when to pay attentin and have been
working with access most of the time, but it so f***
borring, Afther Christmas we gonna learn how to make our
own wen page, thats gonna be much better:-)

Yesterday I had a English midtem, it went really well:-)
Then I went in to the city, first I sat on the bus for
about an hour reading access ans sending messages on my
phone. I sent one to Chris, but diddnt get anything back,
man I hate that. Instead Matt keept sending me messages all
the time. In the city I was shopping, I just love that:-)
I was looking for a birthday present for Stian, its on
Sunday. Im not sure if this is the perfect time to do
something like that, but then agen you never know, it may
help right?

Afther walking arond for sevral hours I went up to my job
to check out who was working. Sometimes we`re more like one
big happy famely than some people who just work at the same
place. Im so glad I work there, I love it and Im always
looking forward to be there. It was Bob`s shift, but some
of the boy`s were also there.
I went to the internet, Stian was there!!!
I really wanted to talk to him before he comes home, and
now I had my chance. Hes not comming before some day next
week, that is over this weekend:-( its to late to send him
something over mail, so I dunno what to do with his present.
Well, well I`ll always come up with something:-)
Have you ever really been looking forwead to a
conerversation and the it went pretty bad, well this was
like it. I hate when its happneing.

A good thig was that T Mark was there, we talked for quite
a while. We uesed to go out thougether and are really good
friends. I know allmost everything about him and he knows
me pretty well to. I remember that when I called he always
answerd whit hi butiful, and that made me feel special even
though I wassnt in love with him.
He stil treat me like I was made of gold, maybe curse I was
realy nice with him when he was having a bad time, dunno.
His girlfriend B is becoming a good freind of mine to.
actualy when they had a split I was on her side, I know
thats agents the frined and realshonships law, but I
understood her more than I could understand him , cuse I
used to her her, so what was happneing to her could have
been me. (I know strange story, one day I`ll explain)
T Mark wanted to know how I was doing and what about love??
I decided to not tell him about Chris since they are
friends and the good old Stian story he know by hart
allready. So then it was nothing new, I like to be singel:-)
And he went like: -do you remember my friend John??
-Lol, the one with the feet?
He was with us on night shopping this summer, I was
thinking about it at the mall today, boys just cant shoop.
-hehe, my litte sweethart, thats the one.
he`s a real good boy, I think thats what you need. he`s
so nice that you almost feel gulty.
- I cant take anyone with me down under (couse of my
- arn`t that what relashonships are for, be there for each
orher in good and bad times?
lets just say that we were together, I would do anything
for you then
-lol, you`re not like other boys, they dont like girls with
- hmz. you might be right, but then the realshinship is not
worth it.
- Im not worth it
- yes you are, youe so special, unik, if you olny knew how
good you are......

Whats that all about, okey, he`s allways been good to me,
but try to set me up with his best friend??
We need to talk face to face, chat is okey sometimes but we
havent seen each other on months.
So he said he might come and see me at my work this weeken,
When I was sitting there Dante called, he wanted to see me,
I was like hi, I, so bussy (talking to Stian) cant focus
cant you call me agen in 15 minutes?
So he did, he was coming down to see me, no!!!!!
So I aksked T Mark if it would be verry rude of me to take
off my phone and say it went out off power.
T Mark said it was okey, so I did it.
When I got out on the street angen to do some more shopping
I feelt so gilty, so I took it back on, Dante must have
been trying toi call me like a million times. I got a
message, but from Chris!!!
I got so happy, he was asking if I was coming in to town
one of these days, cuse in the phone Saturday night I said
I should. But now I was here, so he came to see me.
I took a while befor he came, he had to get off some ice
from his car windows, he hates that and was pissed. But he
came, he came just to see me!!!!
We went on a long walk taliking, I told him that Dante has
called me and asked me if I want to come with him on his
bussins Christmas pary, but I`ve said no. He laught, he`s
in love with you, you know. I was likne: oh, no way, he`s
just a freak.

But he might be right, my friend Cessy is working with it,
everyone comes to me and tell me stange storys about him.
So most likeley Chris is right, but since he dont know what
really happend back then I dont wanna go like: oh Im so
populer, Dante likes me, cuz Chris allready know about this
thing with Matt . But if we go afther what T Mark, Ceccy,
Dantes boss and whet I think, I would say that he still
want me. To bad loser!!

The cool thing is that Chris came to see me, it was not
marvelus. but okey. But it was better Satturday three weeks
ago but it cant be christmas everyday right?
About Matt, he might be the best boy in the universe, he`s
so cool ans sweet. But I dont feel anythig for him. Maybe
cuse my life is full right now, as I told T Mark. So I dont
even think I give Matt the cance he decerve. He keeps
sending me massages all the time. Some times I get a little
bit sick of it.
My phone makes a sound so I know I `ve got a message, full
of hope that it might be Stian or Chris I run over and then
is Matt.... Its a dissapointment every time. Now he`s out
at the sea, I cant be a sailors whife. lol that was the
worst exurse ever, I know.
But hes nice, so hopfuly we can be friends insted, like me
and T Mark.

Remember that I was said cause Samuel wassnt looking good??
The day I got home, Tuseday he was waiting for me outside
my house!!! Good I love that boy:-)
He was happy, healthy and I think I kissed him a million
times. You cant find someone better than him, Im blessed.


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