oh yea... Im actually doin this...
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2001-12-13 08:08:54 (UTC)

First time.....

Today is the first time I m writing in this dumb thing.
Ive always thought the concept of exposing yourself online
is really stupid.. but here I go doing it... and cutting
back on my sleep to do it... I am Ashley and I live in
horrible Las Vegas, I was born in San Diego and it is the
place I should still be. I am newly 18 years of age and
dragging myself through my final year of highschool. I am
single, and pretty happy about that most of the time. I
like to go to parties and I like to dance. This is
starting to sound like some sort of profile or
something... sigh... Im tired, all the time these days. Im
tired of people trying to create drama in my life and all
I want to do is swim and sleep and dream and dance and
smile and maybe paint every now and then... Im afraid of
college. Its a big looming thing at the moment. I know
where I want to go and I know what I want to do but then I
wonder if Im just fooling myself and trying to get out of
this valley so that I can get away from him... because HE
is always here.. I m afraid of getting there and finding
out that he'll always be apart of me and there is no
getting away really, and that photography was just a silly
hobby and not a profession and Ill have to start from
ground zero again... woo hoo this is some fine Ashley
rambling right here, yesireebob. Im afraid of letting
down my parents.. my whole life my mom has always
emphasized how Ive disappointed her and I want to do
something really right for a change... I dont know.. this
is dumb probably.. I need to go to bed.

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