krazie espy

my crazy thoughts~!
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2001-12-13 07:53:25 (UTC)

the day

wow today really wasn't that great of day... I mean I put
this picture on my webpage and it dissed jason and I felt
bad about putting it on there but he dissed me... He claims
we should respect each other FUCK HIM... if he isn't' gonna
respect me why should I respect him right??? right??

well today @ work my manager offered me a new job position
which means 75 cents more an hour... but I wanted to take
that nanny job in maryland and I don't know what to do.. I
ATE a ton today.. I know I shouldn't of but O well... Im
so scared... I won't be going to school next semester and I
won't have health insurance and I can't afford to go to the
doctor if I dont go to school.... what am I gonna do!!!!
NE ways I don't want to talk NE more.. I'm gettin sleepy
and I have a headache.... nite
love espy